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Founded in 1907 as an artisanal producer, Mr. Mallo Group now produces more than 14.000 ton of Marshmallows annually in its three state-of-the-art production facilities.

Mr. Mallo is the ‘one-stop-shop’ partner for retailers around the globe for their private label Marshmallow projects.

Any Marshmallow project – B2C or B2B – is handled professionally by our experienced team with 100% customer satisfaction as our main goal.

As one of the largest European marshmallow producer, Mr. Mallo invests strongly in added value Marshmallows (Sugar free – vegan – 30% less sugar) to enable our clients (supermarkets, specialist confectionery shops, drugstores, wholesalers) to unlock the full potential of their marshmallow category.


We strive to be the European market leader in marshmallow production, servicing both B2C and B2B customers with our best in class price, quality, service & innovation.


Mr. Mallo shares its marshmallow expertise, packaging capabilities and market intelligence with its retail customers worldwide, to unlock the full potential of their private label marshmallow category.

In our marshmallow development facilities, we develop bespoke products for our customers to meet there needs for any specific application… including hot drinks, cereals, (chocolate) bars, baking and decoration…

Our projects are handled with proffessionalism and confidentiality by our experience team with 100% customer satisfaction our goal.


  • Maintain Cost Leadership through Operational Excellence
  • Offer our Marshmallow category knowhow to our partners worldwide
  • Product Excellence:
    • Widest range of Marshmallows
    • Quality is a must throughout the business
    • Create new opportunities through intensive R&D

Private label

Own Brands

Focus on Private Label

Mr. Mallo focusses on Operational Excellence in all aspects of marshmallow production.

Our 3 unique production sites offer us the capabitly and capacity to deliver a wide range of marshmallows to meet a vast aray of products and packaging throughout the business

Mr. Mallo is your ‘one stop shop’ partner for marshmallows!

Mr Mallo - Van Damme Belgium

With our roots going back to 1907, Confiserie Van Damme is considered to be one of the most experienced marshmallow production houses in Europe. We offer extruded marshmallows with dextrose coating using pork gelatin. Among our specialties you can find BBQ, Sour mallows, Filled mallows, Chocolate & coconut coated…

Our factory is BRC & IFS certified as well as GMO, gluten and lactose free.

Mr. Mallo – Van Damme (Belgium) aims to be the most efficient site for ‘Mass production’ of pork gelatin Marshmallows in private label.

Mr Mallo – Marshmallows International S.L. (Spain)

Since 1987, Marshmallows International S.L. in Alcoy (Spain) is a specialist producer of extruded marshmallows with starch coating using both pork and beef gelatine. Out of this BRC and IFS certified plant, we offer the world our specialties like “Rainbow” mallows, Halal mallows and numerous shapes for seasonal offerings.

Mr. Mallo – Marshmallows International aims to be the most efficient site for ‘large scale productions’ of pork and beef gelatine marshmallows in private label… specialised SRP’s (‘shelf ready packaging’) and individually wrapped mallows.

Mr Mallo – Mellow Party (Belgium)

Mellow Party is the youngest member of the Mr. Mallo Group and specialises in ‘bespoke’ marshmallow productions. The successful developments of Sugar free mallows, Vegan mallows, Kosher & Halal mallows as well as organic mallows, prove that Mellow Party is the ideal site for the Mr. Mallo Group to lead innovation of marshmallows for many years to come.


Marshmallows are one of the earliest types of confection known to mankind.
Egyptians were known to have sweets made from root sap of the marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis) plant.

Since the ‘50s, Marshmallows have been produced on an industrial scale with 3 main ingredients Sugar, Glucose syrup & gelatin.

Mr. Mallo guarantees fluffy marshmallows thanks to fully automated state-of-the-art production lines.

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