BBQ Tubes – Pink (4cm) Halal

Nothing better than to end a great BBQ with some delicious, fluffy & sweet mallows above the grill. Since we see nice sales year around, we assume these are also ideally for a quick moment of indulgence.

Art. No.: MMIPr018
Weight (g): 6,3gram
Length (cm): 4
Recipe: BBQ
Flavour: Vanilla
Gelatine: Beef
Made In: Mr. Mallo - MMI (SPAIN)
MOQ: 8 pallets
Claims: Fat Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, GMO Free,

Extra Information
Shapes: Standard
Shapes In Detail: Tubes
Halal Possible: Halal (certified plant)
Coating: Starch
Order Information
Made In: Mr. Mallo - MMI (SPAIN)
MOQ: 8 pallets
Produced: All year
Leadtime: 6 weeks
Packaging Information
Bulk: 1kg
Consumerbags Pillow: 250g - 300g